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By Joseph Delgado on 11/29/09

Getting Started
Articles under this category is about getting started with racquetball. Safety should always be your concern on the court. So always wear googles and your racquet's wrist lacer. If you borrow a racquet without one, get another one. All it takes is one dumb move and someone can be seriously injured.

  • Quick Start Racquetball by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    A semi-short article to help people understand the basic rules in racquetball so they can gain some experience before tackling the official rulebook. (9/28/08)
  • How to Series: General Safety by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    From court shoes to goggles to what shot to take and where not to be. Some basic advice for players getting started in racquetball. (10/4/07)
  • Dumb and Dumber Moves in Racquetball by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    Some players never want to be in a losing position in racquetball, while I consider not playing by the rules dumb. I consider allowing it to happen dumber. Here's some of the dumb and dumber moves I've noticed in my years playing racquetball. (7/30/08)

Mental Toughness
Articles in this series focus on the mental side of racquetball. Fran Davis states at her camps and her videos that Racquetball is about 80% to 90% mental. So getting the most out of your game by keeping your head straight is what these articles are about.

  • Playing Without Excuses by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    Playing the Blame Game with your goals and matches robs you of one thing that's vitally important...Learning. (11/29/09)
  • Mental Toughness by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    Excerpt: Mental Toughness is the primary reason I play racquetball. I know it's a great sport, lots of fun and good exercise, but ultimately I want the ability to think under pressure, to keep my composure, and to keep finding a way to win a point. In short, "to keep moving forward." (8/31/07)
  • Pre-Match Preparation by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    Some advice on getting to the court ready to play your best by being a good boy/girl scout. (10/29/07)
  • Playing Not To Lose by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    When I first heard the expression, "playing not to lose." I thought well the opposite of losing is winning so that's a little weird. I wasn't until I read about it in a book did the concept become clear. This article is about my own experiences with playing it safe and what I see as the risks involved. (5/24/08)
  • Anger. You and Your Opponent by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    A short article about the dangers of anger for the angry player and his or her opponent. (4/12/08)

Other Articles
They just don't fit the other categories so might as well dump them here for now.

  • Playing the Scrub by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    We all play people of lower ability at some point. During recreational play it's fun, during a tournament it's sand-bagging. In this article, I recall some of the stuff that happens in Wrestling and how it applies to racquetball. (2/2/08)
  • Racquetball and Fatherhood by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    Some of my advice and experiences being a Father and still making time to play racquetball. Never easy, but necessary. (11/23/07)
  • Why do I play with Head Racquets? by Joseph Delgado, Team Head Racquetball
    I remember starting racquetball at Rutgers and getting tired of the "Rutgers Specials" rentals. So I bought a Head Ti 220 and played with that for a while. Then I made my worst mistake, I bought a racquet that was too light for me, a Head Intelligence i165. I suffered for a long time. (9/14/07)

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