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Player Rankings by Career Quarter Points
In Profiles, I have a section where it states for a player his or her Qtr and Power Ranking, but it'll be too hard for you to go through all the profiles and compile a listing. So this page does it for you, you can quickly glance who the top players are and go after some points. Keep in mind this is the career totals and the actual points you can take from an opponent will depend on the current quarter.

For example, as I write this Adam Porter has 764 points and say he's gunning for the #1 spot which John Sarti precariously holds with 1,002 points. Say he beats me, he doesn't take 245 career points from me. He only gets his 45 or so points. His best chance to move up is to beat people that have more points than him instead of the long road per game points.

Stuff like this used to involve a query, a function to generate static HTML, counters, then if I wanted to change something I had to go back and read through lines of broken HTML to fix the problem. Now with XML/XSL, I just make the XSL into what I want displayed and it handles the rest.

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