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Welcome to the Player Registry
Communication is critical to racquetball's success. A lot of clubs exist as small islands of diminishing players. The purpose of this registry is to get players together to help grow the sport. I hope you'll take a moment to enter your information below and become part of our community.

Privacy Policy: I respect your privacy and will not distribute your email address to a third-party for commerical purposes. Your email address will be added to a private and moderated listserv at Rutgers for Racquetball events and news.
Naturally if you play a league or attend another event your email address may be shared with other participants and posted on password protected pages on this site for other members. (Updated 4/13/07 by Joseph Delgado.)
Your Full Name: (First Last Name)
Your Email address:
Your Skill Level:

Not sure what your skill level is? You can take a look at Hillsborough Racquet Club's guidelines. They break the Skill Divisions down into what general abilities you should have. Don't worry about the skill level, after some exhibition matches we'll be able to place you.
Where do you play?
If you play at Rutgers, are you a Faculty, Staff, or Student*?

* If No, you can play for $6 at Busch or Cook. No other fees.
You'll need a Rutgers Faculty, Staff, or Student with you and a picture ID.
We can make arrangements.

What kind of Racquetball do you want to play?
I'm looking for pickup games.
I want my matches posted here.
I want to play in Leagues.
I want to play some Doubles.

Please report any problems with this form to Joe Delgado.

Registration Benefits
You'll get an email (sent about every two weeks) detailing events at Rutgers and other clubs in New Jersey. You'll also get announcements of major events like leagues, State Tournaments, and Travel League stops.

With your registration you'll also get information about amateur leagues and ladders at Rutgers. If you're interested in just playing pick up games that's fine also. We're building a pretty diverse group of players and you don't have to be affiliated with Rutgers to participate.

It's all about Racquetball, having fun, having a great workout, making new friends, and growing racquetball.

Hope to see you on the courts,
Joe Delgado

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