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05/16/08 ELO Ranking Experience Tweak
I'm developing a ELO Rankings Calculator. I reviewed my old code and found that I wasn't taking experience into account. I was treating everyone as unranked players in my calculations. The idea is to have unranked players move quickly into their appropriate spots and give more experienced players less movement in the rankings they already earned.

Right now the Experience is set to 75 which translates to about 25 games at 3 experience points per match. I might make Tournament matches worth five, but I need to see how that affects the calculations. I did see some movement in the Top 5. A strong unranked player can now move up pretty quick.

02/07/08 ELO Rankings Return!
I've been using my old database system for entering scores and setting up the league. Unfortunately I had to stop a lot of it's features since they are no longer compatibile with my site, but I was able to pull ELO Rankings from the database and post them here. Enjoy! Protect your ranking, because once you take a few too many hits it's a real hard to climb back up.

Player Rankings by ELO Rating
ELO is a pretty popular rating for Backgammon, Chess, and other games. I thought why not Racquetball. I know USA Racquetball has it's own system now, but I need something I can easily access and maintain. Also since ELO is so widely accepted and discussed other groups may start using it, so integration between sites becomes easier. I'll post more about the system along with some resources when I get the chance.

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