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Net Party from July 18, 1999
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Descent 3
Notes / Developer
Game Play
Speed (w/AMDK6 & Pentium 233Mhz)
Networking (w/AMDK6-233Mhz Hosting)

The Good: A lot of improvements and smoother animation than D1. Also larger levels. Lots of multiplayer options.

The Bad: Lower end systems will suffer from poor performance.


Games this Month

  • Descent 3
  • Descent 3
    By Joseph Delgado (SoupKitchen)

    Descent 3 looks like a great ride, but the game suffered from our 233 systems, Voodoo 1 graphics cards, and playing over a serial connection. We also had some trouble connecting via serial and playing a good game. So I don't have a lot to report on the game.

    I want to try playing this game again on our new 100Mbps Network, before giving it a so-so review for low end systems. Also would like to test more of the Deathmatch options before writing more here.

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