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Net Party from June 26, 1999
AvsP: Toasty! (17 KB)
AvsP: Game over man, Game over! (27 KB)
AvsP: Run! (24 KB)
AvsP: Strange Bedfellows. (22 KB)
AvsP: Let's Rock! (16 KB)
Aliens vs Predator
Notes / Developer
Game Play
Networking (w/AMDK6-233Mhz Hosting)

The Good: Fast engine with good sound and levels. Kind of game that'll make most people a little afraid of playing

The Bad: Needs more levels for multiplayer. Multiplayer Co-op could be more mission-like. Serving co-op on a AMD K6-233 was a little laggy.

Mech3: alone on the rock. (13 KB)
Mech 3: Watch that first step. (15 KB)
Mech 3: Watch that rear armor. (23 KB)
Mech 3: Underground cool! (11 KB)
Mech 3: The Crossing. (13 KB)
Notes / Developer
Game Play
Networking (w/AMDK6-233Mhz Hosting)

The Good: Great engine and effects that give a realism above and far beyond Mech2. Able to enter some buildings and caverns, nice explosions on both mechs and buildings.

The Bad: In need of more levels, but expansion pack planned. Mech Lab can be confusing at first. Some good keyboard commands from Mech2 are missing.


Games this Month

  • Aliens versus Predator
  • Aliens versus Predator (Build 90)
    By Joseph Delgado (SoupKitchen)

    We only played Aliens vs Predator co-operative which was ok, I really want to play some of the other options, but maybe in July we'll do that. This version adds so much more than the Atari Jaguar version that came out a few years ago. Not that anyone remembers the Jaguar or anything.

    The levels are dark, which increases the apprehension just a little. I swear sometimes I can't play this game by myself, I've played mostly skirmish, so I know the Aliens are just going to keep coming at me, but to walk down hallways and stuff and have ambushes. Well...once I get better at the Marine, a lot better.

    I liked the Marine because he has the most weapons and was the easiest to get accustomed to. I like the Predator too, but he doesn't seem all that tough when a whole mess of aliens are jumping up and down on him. Otto (Pezboy) took the Predator, probably due to movies and stuff, and in some cases so did I.

    Another reason I liked the Marine, I always need to know where things are coming at me. I dislike surprises, so the motion tracker can at least tell me when something is moving toward me. I use a lot of flares when I can be stationery which isn't often. But, most often when you see an Alien or Pred-alien it's often too late. They either lunge at you or are coming from the ceiling, which makes it hard to raise the gun site in time.

    Pezboy with the Predator used a lot of the shoulder cannon, which probably does electrical splash damage, but I just can't see how a Predator can take on a group of aliens. Marine can at least blast a grenade, but the Predator has to stop to use that wrist computer. Bah, good luck. Also he couldn't use the Predator's cloak, since the Aliens will just smell him out.

    Otto and I were holding them off for a time, but if you barricade yourself somewhere it just a matter of time before your out of ammo. It would of been nice to have an objective as co-op, it would of kept us playing much longer.

      Newbie Marine Tips
    • I like my crouch, strafe, and jump to be on the cursor keys and movement on the keypad. Also I like the forward and backward as "," and "." so I can shoot and backup at the same time.
    • As in the book, shoot for the head of an Alien, it'll take them down quicker.
    • Avoid standing in intersections or dark areas, use flares and Image Intensifier if you can't.
    • Dump near empty magazines, changing magazines when an alien is running at you is a bad thing.
    • There are cheats, but you need to finish levels with certain conditions in order to get them. Most are just weird enhancements, no God mode, unlimited ammo, or all weapons. So why bother?

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    By Joseph Delgado (SoupKitchen)

    I have been a fan of MechWarrior games since MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries. I would play that game almost every day on Instant action. The idea of building a Mech and then fighting three or more other Mechs, going on Kali and playing there was a lot of fun. Now come Mech3, well those games might be collecting dust and for good reason.

    The thing that awed me the most was the 3D, how things look, how buildings explode, even how the Mech moves and shifts when taking damage. Mechs even hobble around when their legs are shot up.

    Things have changed some, I used to still fight when my Mech lost a leg, drop into external camera, twist the torso up and start blasting. That's gone, now your dead. Targeting computers that help you lead a target and hit a specific spot. New equipment and other items will keep you glued to the game.

    Pezboy and I started out with new custom Mechs. I had an Avatar and he had a Mad Cat with jets. Pezboy (aka Jump-Jet Boy) and I would just walk around at first, we saw a train come out of a tunnel and come down a raised platform. We started blasting the thing, it flew off the tracks and onto the ground in colorful explosions.

    We also went into a massive cavern, we didn't shoot each other and just walked around. There's also bridges, mountain pass tunnels, factories. The detail in this game is awesome.

    Sooner or later we started blasting each other, unlike Mech 2 you can get knocked down from a massive bombardment, you can crouch, have missing limbs smoke, see bullet holes on your cockpit.

    Lastly multi-player was smooth and no noticeable lag over IPX or TCP/IP with a serial cable direct connection.

    Some things I miss from Mech2. The keyboard is missing some important commands. I used to like shifting from weapon to group to group and having the option of firing them all or just one at a time. Also there was fire group 1, 2, and 3 right above the movement keys.

    Some things I don't miss, well damage is a lot more realistic and quick in Mech 3. Come head on into a blaze of auto cannons and PPCs and you'll walk away hurting. I mean in Mech2, PPC blast after blast and laser after laser and most Mechs were only yellow and moving full speed.

    Also, you don't automatically eject from an internal ammo explosion. When you explode from overheating you have a strong blast radius.

    In short, a great sequel.

      MechWarrior 3 Tips:
    • Buy a targeting computer and missile system. They'll help you get better locks.
    • Buy two AMS, they keep you from taking a pounding from missiles.
    • Keep the fire button down with pulse lasers, they'll fire a constant blast and do more damage.
    • Always try to hit the same area. Be it a leg, torso, or arm.
    • Never face your opponent head on, you generate no lag that way and are easier to hit.
    • Lead your target a little extra in Internet games, remember what you see is often not what you'll hit.
    • If you have any room on a custom mech, buy and distribute more armor.
    • Try not to turn your back on your enemy, rear armor is a fraction of front armor.
    • Don't get close to people with auto cannons, learned this one the hard way.
    • Never under estimate speed for tonnage or weapons. Speed can keep distance between you and a short-range mech.
    • Use the zoom reticle it helps a lot.
    • Take a dip into rivers and lakes and blast away while you'll cool off quicker.
    • Clan technology is better than inner-sphere stuff.
    • Lastly watch your heat, leave room for double heat sinks.

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    Copyright 1996-2004 by Joseph Delgado. Enchanted Quill Press, All rights reserved.
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