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Net Party from January 15, 2000
UT: Long way down! (19 KB)
UT: Where did he go?? (27 KB)
UT: What a view! (9 KB) UT: No warp 9 outside the ship! (51 KB)
Unreal Tournament
Notes / Developer
Game Play
Speed (P3-450, AMDK62-450 & K62-500)
Networking (w/Pentium III-450 Hosting)
Dedicated Server: Yes
Players Require CDs: Yes, only to load the game.

The Good: Beautiful, realistic, and massive levels. Varied weapon strategies. Configurable and Scalable Bot AI. Varied Deathmatch play.

The Bad: Some troubles with non-glide cards without a patch and only a few assult maps.

Q3A: Gibs! (23 KB)
Q3A: Mid-air Frag! (15 KB)
Q3A: Purdy. (36 KB) Q3A: Shells a blasting! (51 KB)
Quake III Arena
Notes / Developer
Game Play
Speed (w/AMDK6 & Pentium 233Mhz)
Networking (w/AMDK6-233Mhz Hosting)
Dedicated Server: Yes
Players Require CDs: No

The Good: Excellent graphics and sound. Fast Game play.

The Bad: Some good levels, but most look overly simple. Few Capture the Flag maps. Horrible Internet and network game launch. Cheating AI with three skill levels.


Games this Month

  • Quake III Arena
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Participants

  • Miss Bad (Karen Collmier)
  • Pez Monster (Otto Rehe)
  • SoupKitchen (Joseph Delgado)
  • Quake 3 vs. Unreal Tournament
    By Joseph Delgado (SoupKitchen)

    It's a comparison that game magazines and other sites have beaten into the ground. Well here at ID, we had jump on our soapbox too. Unreal wins on several factors from game play, to AI, to weapons, number and quality of maps. Finally the different modes of play (Death match and team death match, Domination, Assault, Capture the Flag when compared to Quake's death match, team death match, and four map Capture the flag makes Quake come up real short.

    I'm not bashing Quake 3, I've been a fan of Quake and ID Software since Quake 2, but I do believe it was a wrong move to just make a death match only game. After a while, it's the same old thing. Even during play it's the same old thing, there's no map rotation in Quake 3 unless you modify a configuration file.

    The AI in UT is pretty good. Assign enough bots and they take on certain roles like flag defenders and snipers. One thing I noticed in UT Death match is the paths bots take are pretty much the same. I saw a group of four bots jump out the same window to get a power up, where are those redeemers when you need one?

    That's not so bad considering in Quake 3 Arena's Nightmare level, I fought through all the tiers only to get disgusted with the last guy's, Xaero, super-human marksmanship. The bots cheat! Xaero hit me in mid-air and then as I'm falling into the void I get hit again. Come on! I'm not even going to get into the ending of Quake 3, all right I am. Just have Xaero bow and turn into a statue. I would think a person would want to escape the Arena or challenge the mysterious Vadrigar founders or something, something with some closure. At least the guy escapes in Quake 2 and lands on some planet.

    The Weapons between UT and Q3A are different, vastly different. UT's weapons have two different fire modes. For example the rocket launcher in UT can fire up to six missiles in either a spread or circular formation, can fire missiles like grenades, and can obtain a lock and home in on people! Q3A's rocket launcher fires one or lets you rocket jump. The weapons in Quake have been the same for a long time with only a change to the BFG. It's no longer reduces everything to gibs, now it's just a less powerful fast moving gun with some splash damage.

    Lastly UT comes with a second CD with mods and a level editor. I wish the editor would come with some documentation! Some mods are chainsaw, insta-gib shock rifles, fat boy vs. slim, low gravity, and others. Plus installing a mod is simple, choose it from the list and it's installed. No moving or backing up files or setting command line arguments. When people create mods it'll be easy to pop them in, also maps are downloaded to your PC before a match, but it does it pretty slow.

    Sorry Quake 3. Unreal is an all around fairer game with better maps, weapons, AI, game modes, and interface.

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    Copyright 1996-2004 by Joseph Delgado. Enchanted Quill Press, All rights reserved.
    Webmaster: Joseph Delgado updated this page on 1/15/00.

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