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Events from June 16, 2001 Net Party 

A breath of fresh air.
by Joseph Delgado

We'll see how this all works. I don't think what happens at a Net Party will be such an interesting read to many. Maybe if it were more like a party instead of two or three people just playing games, but here goes.

Games this month:
Serious Sam (A lot of fun)
Tribes 2 (Getting tired of it.)

Notable Events:
Had some whities (cheese burgers) from White Castle for lunch. Man they're good. We watched part of Starship Troopers while we ate. Also watched some Transformers Episodes from a new DVD Pezboy got. Transformers are still pretty cool and I remember some episodes, but we got a real kick out of seeing the mistakes that slip through. Like two Transformers being colored the same when standing next to each other.

We really watched the episodes to take screenshots for wallpaper and stuff. Definitely a nice feature of DVD-ROMs is taking screen shots and having a perfect image from any movie.

A friend of Pezboy's was supposed to come, to finally have four people play would be a milestone for the Net-Party, but alas no go.

The Games
Pezboy and I played Tribes 2 online through the cable modem, that plays pretty good. Also getting rid of the Voodoo 3 card was an absolute must. I was able to squeeze some more performance out of the AMD K6-2 550. The problem with Tribes 2 is that people play in a disorganized mess and no one has the time to talk to each other to coordinate an attack. Playing with just one other person makes it difficult to play together. So the features of this game are also its weaknesses.

Serious Sam was a lot of fun and we played it for hours. Miss Bad came over and played too, but her Voodoo 3 based AMD K6-2 500 had serious performance hits and was pretty much unplayable. I said I'll get her a PC for her own once we're married, so I might make it up early, since this problem is only going to get worse.

Thanks for reading,
Joe Delgado

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