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Net Party from April 17, 1999

Games this Month

  • Delta Force
  • Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries
  • Baldur's Gate
  • Summary
  • Delta Force
    When a game offers co-operative Multiplayer, Otto and I give it extra consideration. We like playing as a team and backing each other up in a firefight. Delta Force delivers on that and with two 233Mhz machines, it performed great over a serial connection.

    In Delta, you have to accomplish mission objectives and of course stay alive. There are a lot of different weapons and choosing the best for your mission is a critical factor. Rushing and praying in the game will most likely get you killed.

    In one of the missions, we had to retrieve an encryption code book from an enemy camp. I was making my way down a mountainside on my stomach, inching closer to the camp. Otto's blasted away from the ridge giving me cover, but He gets picked off. I turned to see a solider running down the hill at me, which I can't shoot with my M4, so I pull out my suppressed pistol and start firing like mad. Eventually, I got him and he tumbled to the ground. I crawled to the Camp unnoticed and saw a few soldiers walking around.

    I inched closer to judge where the main tent was. Suddenly I see bullets stream out of the main tent. They hit the ground in front of me. Otto resurrected and he's back at the first checkpoint, so he can't help. I crouched and ran behind a canopy. I fire the M4 into the tent and the troops yell out in Spanish, so much for secrecy.

    I sneaked up on someone and shot him in the back, entered a communications tent and found some extra health and ammo. I crouched behind the door and fired at the soldier in the other tent, then I rushed the entrance and got lucky. The whole camp went silent, I searched for the code book. Eventually I found it in the communications tent and ran off toward the helicopter extraction point.

    All the while, Otto was fighting off reinforcements from outside the base. Can't wait to play this game again.

    Delta's great, but we had some trouble playing other missions. Basically the game would work fine for the host machine until the other player joined. Then it got really slow. We tried rebooting, downloading a patch, different maps, but encountered the same problems except for the first two maps.

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    Mech's always fun and it was nice playing without any lag. We played a few maps and had our share of kills each. I was a little outclassed, a Timber Wolf against a War Hawk, but by the time Otto reloaded his PPCs, I had blasted him three or four times with all my lasers and missiles.

    After a while though, the damage your Mech takes gets extreme and your easy pickings for a recently resurrected Mech. Otto came at me when I was pretty much dead, I kept firing weapons until the bitter end. That's when I got the idea to take pictures, see figures at top.

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    Baldur's Gate
    It brought back some good memories from my Dungeons and Dragons days. It took us a while to create three characters each. We had fun, but kind of stepped on each other's toes a bit with the pause key. It's hard to control three characters and coordinate with another person. It's still not as good as real D&D, but it'll do.

    I've always liked the impossible odds, when the party's resources get used up and maybe a few characters are close to death. I like feeling the encounter could of gone either way and it was the use of a right spell, the right attack, or the right tactic that made the difference. Until our characters get stronger and can handle tougher monsters, it'll not be as fun for me.

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    All in all, playing the games over a serial connection was great and inexpensive. Just a trip to Radio Shak to get a few cables, a null modem adapter and boom your playing games. I plan to expand this section and give it more of a structure, but I don't want to really make it a review. It's supposed to describe the fun of multiplayer gaming.

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    Screen shots taken from within Mercs. Original size 640x480. Copyright 1996 by Activison. Click on the images to view at their original size.

    Mercs: Otto takes a fall.
    Fig. 1. Otto coming down hard, into a barrage of lasers and machine guns.

    Mercs: Joe no where to go.
    Fig. 2. Joe, his Mech ravaged by damage and system failures, is helpless as Otto closes to take revenge.

    Copyright 1996-2004 by Joseph Delgado. Enchanted Quill Press, All rights reserved.
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