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Shareware Reviews August 27, 2000
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UO Spawn Map

Desktop Accessories
Post-it Software Notes
UO Spawn Map

Internet Clients

"The Best Internet client for playing games over the Internet with more games and updates than all the others." (3/27/99)
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An indispensable Ultima Online Client that measures the performance of your Internet connection to a UO Server. Developed by Black Castle Software. (12/14/98)

Kali's an Internet client that lets you play games over the Internet as if your computer were on a local network. With email, an IRC-like chat, file transfer options, and consistent updates. Kali's #1! Developed by Kali Inc. (3/27/99)

The new version of Post-it Notes Office Edition lets you send notes and memo boards over a network. Has various templates for to do lists, messages, time & date notes, and any custom notes you need. It also has a lot more note colors and font and font color options. (7/4/99)

UO Spawn Map provides the location of most of the monsters in Britania and the time it takes them to reappear after being killed. A must for any adventurer or tailor. (3/21/00)

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