MoneyBuckets Troubleshooting - Version 1.0.0 on 10/13/11.

Installation Issues

We did a pretty good job searching for bugs, but we've found a couple of problems and some solutions as well. If you find a problem using MoneyBuckets then please contact us or ask on Twitter @eqpllc.

Why does installer say "Unknown Publisher"?

Unknown PublisherOn the Download page states MoneyBuckets is a signed application, but when I download and attempt to install I get "Unknown Publisher" why?

We licensed GK Setup as our installer and have a support question in to them as of 10/13/11. We purchased a code signing certificate and protected the MoneyBuckets application with the certificate, but that didn't do anything for the installer.

We have attempted to sign the GK Setup Installer, but that caused GK Setup to report an tamper message and quit. Learn more about GK Setup.

Error Messages that MoneyBuckets is Read Only in Vista/Windows 7

Installing MoneyBuckets in the default directory C:\Program Files\ etc. on a Vista or Windows 7 can cause problems if the you don't have rights to the Directory. The simplest soluton is to change the default directory to another folder under "My Documents" that you have write access to. MoneyBuckets has a local table to save its database location to. If it can't write to the directory it will keep thinking it's running for the first time.

After selecting a the back end database I get an error that it could not be found

We noticied this error under Vista 64 bit, but could not recreate it under XP. After the back end database has been selected and the application closes with an error. It started fine when reopened. So please select a back end database, ignore the error message, and try the application again.