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Joe's Place for October 14, 2002
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Looking back at the Wedding
Still waiting on the proofs from the photographer and I've pieced together a wedding album from all the pictures that were taken already. I am happy with everything, that's not saying that everything went perfect, just saying a lot of people had a good time.

I want to thank all the bridesmaids and groomsmen especially Otto, the Best Man, and Karrisa, the Maid of Honor. My aunt for setting up our dream honeymoon and my parents for helping us afford it. Most importantly my new in-laws for a beautiful wedding and reception and for not holding any expense back. (10/14/02)

With One Day left
Now getting nervous. There's pretty much nothing left to do. Tonight is the rehearsal and dinner. So getting close to that. Also entertaining family and stuff, so things are going to get crazy. Take care and wish us luck. (9/6/02)

With Three Days Left
My normal time of going to bed has been replaced by 12:30 in the morning marathons on the computer. Last night, I finished a PowerPoint presentation for the reception and I still have to pack for the honeymoon. Well Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning I can relax, yeah right. Maybe I don't have to be as frantic doing stuff, but I'll be far from relaxed. (9/4/02)

With Nine Days Left
Sorry for not being around, but helping plan for the wedding has been another full time job. So far been doing stuff like place cards and wedding programs. Maybe there are people out their who can do all this stuff ahead of time, but I don't think so. There's always surprises. (8/29/02)

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