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Welcome to the Rutgers Cook/Douglas Board

Group FAQ | Login to Join or Post Comments..

Here group members can post comments about Racquetball at Cook/Douglas. Can post when people are getting together, what courts people have for the night, issue challenges, do some clean trash talking, etc. Have fun, keep it clean, and of course keep it respectful.

Hope to see you on the courts,
Joe Delgado

Group Members (16):
Alex Rtishchev, Bob Zeiss, Christopher Jacquet, Claudio, Don Odgers, Erik Lopez, George Weickert, Joel Greengarten, Joseph Delgado, Marv Schuldiner, Matthew Pazos, Nick Holerca, Ronny Choy, Thomas Baldinger.

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Member Comments:

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1. Joseph Delgado wrote 11 years ago.
Courts reopen on September 1st.

2. Joseph Delgado wrote 11 years ago.
Cook/Douglas corts are closed during spring break starting tonight and through next week.

3. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Check out the Leagues page on the sidebar for more information on our upcoming league. We have about eleven people so far and looking to add more from all skill levels. Should be an exciting season. --Joe.

4. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Matt and I are planning to play tomorrow. One Lee may show depending on how he's feeling.

5. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Gave Alex the 3rd place trophy to the last league last night. Congrats on 3rd in A's. I'm playing on Friday at both Cook/Douglas and Hillsborough. I believe Don showed interested in driving up.

6. Matthew Pazos wrote 12 years ago.
I will be there Friday. I am having some blackberry issues and will be picking a new cell up later today around 6/7. Let me know who will be there early and at what time. matthewpazos@aol.com, or the bb 908-906-6007.

7. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Looks like we have Alex (maybe, Don, One, and myself. Try to get Matt to come over.

8. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Dave and a few others are playing tonight at C/D probably from 7 to 9 PM.

9. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Have a couple of guys coming tonight. I reserved court 1 at 5:30 PM. Just a reminder they close at 7 PM.

10. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Hey Matthew. Sure Alex, Don, or One Lee should be there Friday. Swelling is going down on the ankles. New Head Racquet should be coming soon and once I get used to it. You're in trouble. :-)


11. Matthew Pazos wrote 12 years ago.
Hope everyone is doing well. Joe you need to get better so we can finish our game, haha. If anyone plans on playing Friday let me know and I will see if I can jump over after work.


12. Joseph Delgado wrote 12 years ago.
Hey Guys,
Can't play this Friday still taking it easy and have an event to go to. But let me know if you want me to get any courts for you guys.


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