Release History

0.6.5 -- 2021-02-28 Sunday

SG386As a developer, remove useless console.log from the code.
SG399As a game, what do I need to do to make it play on mobile? Mobile joystick?
SG433As a game, dramatic music should not play when the game over scene is being displayed.
SG434As an upgrade progress bar, I should display when the game has been restarted (player death).
SG437As a player, I cannot select a menu option with a gamepad.
SG439On restart, need to clear checkmarks.
SG442As a miniDiag, I want to dismiss dialogs after five rows. To avoid crowding up the screen.
SG445As a level, I should display a mini-dialog that tells the player to return to the station.
SG446As a ship, I want to be controlled proportionate to the force/direction of a digital or virtual stick.
SG447As a ship, I would be proportionally controlled by the digital stick on a gamepad.
SG448As a vagrant instance, I want to share PV with my developer's iPhone, iPad, etc.
SG449As a player on a touch device, I would like to touch buttons on the screen (my only input device).
SG450As a player, I should be able to touch any part of the dialog box to dismiss it. So I don't have to be pixel precise hitting the [X] and enjoy playing the game more.
SG451As a player, I would to press enter to dismiss dialogs.
SG452As a game, I would like to see the intro splash screens and main menu before game start.
SG456As an upgradeUI, I cannot start an upgrade with a game pad after restarting.
SG458As an asteroid group, I am duplicating for some reason.

0.6.4 -- 2021-02-14 Sunday (Part 2)

SG158As a level designer, change the initial dialog so it is not so wordy and matches the chapter introduction text.
SG406As a game, when I restart. I should not see double Earth and Speed demo navpointers!
SG413As a web server, I should display text in the fonts I uploaded.
SG414As a game, when the asteroid threat is clear the music should stop.
SG416click to bypass intro and splash screens.
SG421Maybe supply pods can be jettisoned out of the station upon request. Just to give the player something. Limit the amount of boxes out at a time.
SG422As an upgrade UI, I can let the player go below zero for ores.
SG427As a level, I want certain asteroids to have a d100 chance of showing up to add some variety to replays. To lengthen or shorten some parts of the demo and add some surprises.
SG435As a speed gate, I should be flipped so the arrow faces to the right.
SG438As a right handed player, I would like to control the Valkyrie with the keyboard.
SG440think drone supply pods should be a lot faster of an upgrade.

0.6.4 -- 2021-02-08 Monday

I didn't totally get how web fonts were loaded onto a web page or even inside a Phaser game. So I followed a tutorial from Pagecloud which lead me to Font Squirrel. So happy to report Cairo is in all the right places.

I let a game stopper bug go through, so had to double back and fix that. Also tried to tweak the drone mining function a bit, so the game isn't so stingy. As the game develops, I might need to tweak all this again.

0.6.3 -- 2021-02-07 Sunday

I originally estimated about an hour of work, but the problem was much deeper than that with duplicating events, stats, load outs, and a host of other problems surfaced as I dug deeper into this. Every time the game restarted...well it was a mess. Took about nine hours to iron out everything.

SG406As a game, when I restart. I should not see double Earth and Speed demo navpointers!

0.6.2 -- 2021-01-29 Friday

Took longer than I expected (15 hours) to revise all the upgrade text and try to balance out ore, gold, and time requirements. A couple of problems with drones has been resolved too. Also revised the tech tree under the game manual and made some slight changes to tech requirements for mining.

0.6.1 -- 2021-01-20 Wednesday

Commented out a music file that isn't used in the game yet to save bandwidth. Also fixed the main page's link to start game.

0.6.0 -- 2021-01-18 Monday

Combined the intro and game into one file also added a waiting step to make sure certain parts of the game are loaded before starting.

0.5.2 -- 2021-01-16 Saturday

Some minor level improvements and the following cards have been published today.

SG405Removed test code that allowed the player to get 500 gold and ore from colliding with an EMP mine.
SG407Removed test supply pods that were on the right side of Earth.