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Player Profile for Silas Clark [Clark]
Last updated: 08/01/13

Player Picture
Joe's New Jersey
Racquetball Stats
(Men's Singles)

Finish Points

Total Matches

Total Wins

Total Loses

Streak Current/Previous
4 L (1 W)

Winning Streak
Ended by
Ortiz def. Clark 8; 14. on 04/11/05

Losing Streak
Ended by
Clark def. J.Delgado (3); 10; 10. on 09/07/04

ELO Rating and Rank
1377.28 (84th)

ELO XP and Rank
96 (7th)

Total Qtr Ranking
2112 (9th overall.)

Total Pwr Ranking
72.20 (24th in B Player's.)
Player ID 72
Active: True
Primary Match Box: Men's Singles (1)
Date of First Match: 07/29/04
Date of Last Match: 05/11/06
Skill Level: B Player
Skill AMPro Certified? False
AMPro Certification Date: N/A
USRA Member? False
AMPro Member? False
AMPro Level:
Time Playing: N/A
Play Style: Control
Handiness: Right
Racquet: Ekelton Deliverance Triple Treat
Glove: N/A
Goggles: N/A (Uses Always)
Location: N/A
Injured?: False
Injury Date:  

Skill Division Win/Lose Summary
B Player (04/13/04 to 09/09/9999)
Comment: Current.
Opponents' Skill Wins Loses
A Division 2 8
B Division 10 20
C Division 5 3
Total 17 31

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