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2002-03 Busch League
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Number of players who participated in leagues: 9
(Updated 8/13/03)

A/B League Links Final
Playoff Match Summary
Playoff Player Matrix
Tournament Match Summary
Tournament Draw sheet (PDF)
Picture Gallery

C/D League Links Final
Playoff Match Summary
Playoff Player Matrix
Tournament Match Summary
Tournament Draw sheet (PDF)

A/B League Tournament Results (Updated 7/16/03)

1st Place James Fay (30 USRA Finish Points)
2nd Place Samir Nagpal (20 USRA Finish Points)
3rd Place Pat Douglas (15 USRA Finish Points)
4th Place Jerald Goldstein (10 USRA Finish Points)
Qtr Finals Andrés Hernández (5 USRA Finish Points)
Withdrawn Ganesh Skandan (0 USRA Finish Points)
Withdrawn George Weickert (0 USRA Finish Points)
Withdrawn Vikram (0 USRA Finish Points)

C/D League Tournament Results (Updated 7/28/03)

1st Place Brian Convery (30 USRA Finish Points)
2nd Place Adam Porter (20 USRA Finish Points)
3rd Place Erik Lopez (15 USRA Finish Points)
4th Place Joseph Delgado (10 USRA Finish Points)

07/01/03 -- C/D Playoff Results

1st Seed Adam Porter with two wins. (With 64 points scored against.)
2nd Seed Erik Lopez with two wins. (With 77 points scored against.)
3rd Seed Brian Convery with two wins. (With 84 points scored against.)
4th Seed Joseph Delgado with no wins.

06/25/03 -- A/B Playoff Results

1st Seed Samir Nagpal with five wins. (Undefeated)
2nd Seed James Fay with four wins.
3rd Seed Pat Douglas with three wins.
4th Seed Jerald Goldstein with two wins.
5th Seed Andres Hernández with one win.
6th Seed George Weickert with no wins. (Injured)

06/10/03 -- Trophies Arrived!
I didn't expect them so soon, but I made a mistake on the event date and they increased the shipping. So they are a couple of weeks early, better than late.

Basically they have free engraving and cost under $4.00 each. So it's a nice inexpensive way to congratulate the winners of the league in early July.

Each of them says "RU Racquetball 2003 Summer League 1st Place A/B (C/D) Division." Good luck in the rest of the playoffs. The smaller one being for C/Ds of course.


06/06/03 -- Sidebar Updated
I had a bunch of exhibition games from Busch on the sidebar that didn't make sense anymore so now it shows our league games and standings, which was kind of buried in a bunch of links.

06/04/03 -- How to use the Reports
I've never really documented how to click through and navigate this website and I'm sure it is frustrating for some players.

One of the main navigation tools for matches is the player matrix. The matrix is a series of rows and columns of players showing the wins and loses where they intersect.

Clicking on the number where the row and column intersect shows the matches between those two players only. From this view you can see the Balance of Power between the two players.

Back at the Matrix, clicking on the players name in the left hand column shows all the games the player has played to date. Also good for reviewing your incomplete matches.

05/30/03 -- League Deadline Today
There's seven people in the A/B Division and five in the C/D Division. It's better than I expected.

Today is the last day for league registration. So over the weekend, I'll start putting together a playoff schedule and post it on the web or at least send out the first and second week's schedule.

05/29/03 -- Two Divisions
I decided last night that the league is going to be two divisions instead of one giant division. Basically one Division for A's and one for C's. Basically you can't play in a lower division (sand bagging), but nothing is stopping you from playing in a higher one. Why the split? It's not fun to play a match you have little chance of winning. It should be balanced and fair.

05/27/03 -- Current League Status
So far eight people have responded, including myself, we're equally split between a B's Division and a C's Division. I know a couple of B and C's that may want to play. So there's still hope to fill at least one division with 8 players.

I plan on giving people until Friday, May 30th, to get on board before I start planning any schedules.

05/24/03 -- Welcome to the Summer Leagues
This is basically a place holder for league information. There's no need to go through all the trouble without knowing there's a demand. Probably the first couple of times we try to get this going, it's going to fail, but that's life. I'm starting to realize just need to get back up and never quit.

Anyway I've been thinking about the format of the league for a while. I don't think it should be everyone coming in one night to play against each other. Rich already has a entire night dedicated to the ladder, not sure the administration would go for another one during the Summer.

So the format should be flexible enough for people to meet during a week and play a match. Then during the tournament we can have just the first round play and have spectators. I know it's Summer and people like to go away on vacation or just do something outside.

The format I'm envisioning:

1) Exhibition Matches: These are going on now and serve a couple of purposes. Collects data for the Power and Quarter rankings, which operates like a ladder on points. The Balance of Power graphs shows the progress of players against each other. For the League they serve as tools to make sure you're in the right division.

2) Once you're classed into a Division then we're in playoff mode. Basically you play a match against other people in the division. Once completed this will serve as a guide to tournament draw placement.

3) Tournament. I'm not expecting a draw of 16 players. I'll be thankful for eight players and maybe one or two divisions. We'll use the data collected from Exhibition and the playoffs to make a fair draw where the top two players should face each other in the final match. Also plan on having single elimination tournament and a consolation match or bracket for first round losers.

So if you want to participate send an email: delgado@eqp.com and include your full name, your skill level, and what days you'll like to play. Also if you want to help reserve courts or otherwise lend a hand let me know.

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